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Caring for Her Community - Posted June 3, 2024
A Senior Loan Officer at Cornerstone Home Lending, Nancy Hudson offers Alaskan homebuyers the same insights and down-to-earth counseling she gives to her own family.
When prospective homeowners have challenges finding home loans, Sarah Griffin can understand from first-hand experience. Today, Sarah is a loan officer in Ketchikan who helps others reach their dreams of homeownership.
AHFC’s Research and Rural Development department has tips to help homeowners avoid flooding as the snow melts this spring.
Learn how a Second Mortgage through AHFC can help bring your home renovation dreams to life.
Los especialistas en divulgación de Alaska Housing han aportado valor a los posibles compradores de vivienda durante décadas a través de HomeChoice™, una clase educativa gratuita para compradores de vivienda.
2023: The Year in Stories - Posted December 29, 2023
As we look back at 2023, Alaska Housing had the privilege of telling some incredible stories about Alaskans.
Overcoming Obstacles to Homeownership - Posted December 5, 2023
Hard work, the help of knowledgeable experts and utilizing AHFC's resources allowed one young Alaskan to achieve his goal of purchasing his own home.
Apply for Interior Regional Housing Authority Homeowner Assistance by Dec. 1, 2023.
Two decades ago, Cathy Johnson was a recently divorced single mother with two kids who had gone through bankruptcy, making her dreams of homeownership seem unlikely. She got help through Alaska Housing mortgage loans. Today, she's a loan officer in Juneau who is helping provide other Alaskans the opportunity to make their dreams of homeownership a reality.
Alaska Housing’s Veterans Mortgage Loan is designed exclusively for qualified current and former service members to help them fulfill their dreams of homeownership.
Are you a homeowner and enrolled tribal member? Struggling to pay your mortgage and/or utility bills? Check your eligibility for Interior Regional Housing Authority Homeowner Assistance and apply by Dec. 1, 2023.
A Journey to Homeownership - Posted August 17, 2023
After finding a new career at Alaska Housing, Jamie Bordelon began to consider a goal that had previously felt out of reach — homeownership.
Working Together Toward Homeownership - Posted August 1, 2023
As a mortgage loan originator at Residential Mortgage, Mark Gust partners with AHFC to find solutions for Alaska homebuyers.
Summer Upgrades for Winter Savings - Posted July 20, 2023
The warmer months are a great time to upgrade your home's windows and exterior doors, ensuring your home is comfortable this winter.
AHFC outreach specialists help prospective homebuyers see what is possible through HomeChoice™, a no-cost homebuyer education class. Now, the class has returned with an option for in-person learning.
The Benefits of Home Renovations - Posted June 26, 2023
There are plenty of reasons why homeowners consider renovating their homes, whether to improve functionality or make it a more comfortable living space. Here are five potential benefits of home improvements.
Maintaining proper insulation and air sealing are essential steps in creating an energy efficient home. Homeowners who make energy efficiency improvements can not only save on utility costs, they may also benefit from federal income tax credits.
When looking for a mortgage loan, there are several important factors to consider. Here are five important things to keep in mind as you consider a loan to buy a home.
Purchasing a new home can be an exhilarating experience. But it can also be overwhelming, especially when faced with real estate terms that may not be familiar to everyone. Here is a list of common terms that are helpful for prospective homeowners to know.
There are a lot of things to consider when buying a home. Here are five tips and some valuable resources from AHFC that can help you in the decision-making process.