The GOAL Programs

Grants, federal tax credits and zero-interest federal loans are available for building affordable rental housing for low- to moderate-income families and seniors—for-profit or nonprofit. Help build Alaska’s future!

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Federally Insured Multifamily Loans
For Loans > $1M

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Upcoming Deadlines

  • 12/20/17: Bids due for Commercial Janitorial Services, Anchorage
  • 12/20/17: Public Hearing on Amendments to 15 AAC 151.542(G)
  • 01/07/18: Public comments due on Amendments to 15 AAC 151.542(G)
  • 01/24/17: Public Hearing for Special Round of GOAL program
  • 02/02/17: Comments due for Special Round of GOAL program

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