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Alaska Housing received nearly $300,000 from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide access to permanent affordable housing for non-elderly individuals with disabilities.

Posted February 1, 2023

When shopping for a home loan, understanding what predatory lending is and what some of the signs may be can be important.

Posted December 16, 2022

When presented with the opportunity to distribute nearly $300 million in federal rental assistance to Alaskans impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Alaska Housing used innovative thinking and collaboration to make it happen. Recently, AHFC was recognized nationally for those efforts and its impact on Alaskans.

Posted December 9, 2022

The housing rental market has been challenging for people across the United States, including Alaska, due to a variety of factors.

Posted November 16, 2022

Rising interest rates and their impact is a big topic for Alaska homeowners and those looking to enter the housing market. Now, the most recent energy ratings -- if they exist -- for single family homes for sale are readily accessible to real estate professionals and appraisers, empowering their borrowers to save money and make more educated purchasing decisions. Alaska Multiple Listing Service has integrated its database of homes for sale with Alaska Housing Finance Corporation’s Alaska Retrofit Information Systems database, commonly known as ARIS.

Posted October 12, 2022
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For youths attending this summer camp, working with horses helps them build confidence, work ethic and important values. Kayzlee has been able to attend thanks to the Alaska Housing Youth Camp & Activities Scholarship, making connections that can last a lifetime.

Posted January 11, 2023

Madison Smith didn't plan to have a job in the public housing sector. However, an internship with Alaska Housing started a journey that has led to fulfilling career.

Posted December 7, 2022

There are many myths out there about buying a home. One of the most common is that you need a 20% down payment to get a loan. Get the facts behind the myths.

Posted November 18, 2022

Millennials have been the generation seeking the most AHFC home loans for the past five years. Now a younger generation is starting to make its presence felt, as the number of Gen Z primary borrowers is increasing rapidly.

Posted November 8, 2022

Two young gymnasts benefit from Alaska Housing's Youth Summer Camp & Activity Scholarship.

Posted November 4, 2022