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Shakira Kazmer Quintana has a number of roles with Alaska Housing. Almost of all of them come down to one simple concept: "I just want to work now to help others."
Janet Carr-Campbell created The Music Machine four decades ago, a place where kids could participate in theater and music. In 2022 that included a recipient of the Alaska Housing Youth Summer Camp and Activity Scholarship.
Growing a Career at AHFC - Posted March 2, 2023
When Mike Carlson joined Alaska Housing a decade ago, he was looking for opportunities to grow his career and be part of 'something bigger than just me.' He's found just that in his time at AHFC.
Living the Mission, Loving the Work - Posted January 26, 2023
As Risk Manager for Alaska Housing, Chris Tillman plays a vital role in the organization's mission to provide safe, quality, affordable housing to Alaskans. It's a perfect fit for someone who "always had the feeling that I could help someone."
Making a Difference for Her Community - Posted January 18, 2023
For Karlene Maxwell, her work is an opportunity to help the community she serves.
Kids Taking the Reins - Posted January 11, 2023
For youths attending this summer camp, working with horses helps them build confidence, work ethic and important values. Kayzlee has been able to attend thanks to the Alaska Housing Youth Camp & Activities Scholarship, making connections that can last a lifetime.
An Unexpected Journey with AHFC - Posted December 7, 2022
Madison Smith didn't plan to have a job in the public housing sector. However, an internship with Alaska Housing started a journey that has led to fulfilling career.
Tumbling Toward a Dream - Posted November 4, 2022
Two young gymnasts benefit from Alaska Housing's Youth Summer Camp & Activity Scholarship.
Working Together to Help Those in Need - Posted October 18, 2022
For more than 20 years, Jessica Stossel has been helping to improve lives for Fairbanks residents through her work at the Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violent Living. Partnerships with organizations like Alaska Housing are playing an important role in assisting some of the community's most vulnerable residents.
Finding Happiness in Helping Others - Posted October 5, 2022
Once a participant in Alaska Housing programs, Sammie Wright now helps others find life-changing resources as an AHFC employee.
Helping Tenants Get a New Start - Posted September 28, 2022
Alyssa is the third generation working in her family's property rental business in Fairbanks. One of the things she appreciates most about her work is being able to offer some tenants a fresh start.
Opening of Ch'bala Corners Celebrated - Posted September 22, 2022
The Cook Inlet Housing Authority recently held a grand opening ceremony for its new affordable housing property, Ch'bala Corners, in Anchorage.
Maximize Your Alaska Permanent Fund - Posted September 14, 2022
While it is an exciting time when Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend checks are due to arrive, financial experts also encourage people to be thoughtful in how they spend a sudden infusion of money. Here are some tips that can help people meet their financial goals.
A Hand Up at Helping Alaska - Posted September 12, 2022
Last year, Michael was struggling through the Fairbanks winter without housing. He connected with Helping Alaska and the staff stuck with him through some challenging times. Today, he has a home through AHFC's Housing Stabilization and Recovery program, a job and recently bought a truck.
Helping a Young Mother Open a New Door - Posted September 6, 2022
It's been a long road for Kristina to become financially self-sufficient. But working closely with Alaska Housing through the years, the mother of two young children went from public housing to realizing her dream of becoming a homeowner.
Flying High at Summer Camp - Posted July 22, 2022
Participants in Alaska Housing's Youth Summer Camp & Activity Scholarships get an opportunity to soar.
Youth Summer Camps Bring Growth, Joy - Posted July 21, 2022
Alaska Housing’s Youth Summer Camp & Activity Scholarships have been making summer camp a reality for hundreds of Alaska families for more than a decade.
Choosing Her Own Path - Posted July 15, 2022
Tabatha's journey with Alaska Housing helped her land a new career and on a path toward financial independence. Her words of advice to others who may be facing personal or financial challenges? "Don't be afraid to reach out and let people help you through the tough times."
A Commitment to Learning - Posted July 12, 2022
Alaska Housing has been helping individuals grow and thrive through its Education Scholarships for 22 years.
Renovations at the Golden Towers Apartments, an AHFC public housing unit in Fairbanks, provided a new look and feel for the complex.