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In 2020, AHFC launched SAFE-T to help provide safe housing and services for survivors of human trafficking. For Madison, the program presented an opportunity to apply her academic and research interests to make a real impact for Alaskans.
Can heat pumps keep homes warm and save money at the same time? An AHFC study in Seward is looking to find the answer.
The Youth Summer Camp and Activity Scholarship makes it possible for young Alaskans to attend a summer camp, take part in an activity, or participate in a sport of their choosing, with awards of up to $500.00 per youth. Families who participate in AHFC's public housing and housing voucher programs can apply now!
The AHFC Housing Choice Voucher program can benefit both tenants and landlords who participate. To be successful, the program relies on relationships between all the parties involved: tenants, landlords and Alaska Housing.
Landlord Appreciation - Posted January 2, 2024
Partnering landlords across Alaska help AHFC deliver on the mission to provide Alaskans access to safe, quality, affordable housing. We are introducing Landlord Appreciation to thank them for their partnership.
Housing Alaskans: A Public-Private Partnership (HAPPP) is accepting grant applications for “top- off” funding of up to $150,000 for new construction and rehabilitation housing projects. The grant will provide funds for qualified housing projects ready to break ground or be completed in June 2023. The application deadline is Sunday, June 4, 2023.
Sustainability, energy efficiency and functional living space that can serve multiple purposes are some of the home renovation trends for 2023.
As spring starts to make its appearance, now is a good time to prepare your house before the snow and ice begin to melt. Here are some tips from Alaska Housing experts.
Home Renovations Remain Popular - Posted March 31, 2023
While the booming real estate market has received much of the attention nationally over the past few years, the home renovation market has been equally hot.
It’s Home Show Season! - Posted March 16, 2023
Spring is home show season in Alaska. Here are three reasons why home shows can be such popular and valuable attractions.
Thinking about making improvements to increase your home's energy efficiency? Recent changes to the tax law will allow homeowners to receive more tax credits for qualified energy efficiency improvements.
New Resources Available for Landlords - Posted February 7, 2023
New resources are now available for Alaska landlords on AHFC's website. Check out our landlord toolkit and more!
Alaska Housing received nearly $300,000 from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to provide access to permanent affordable housing for non-elderly individuals with disabilities.
Homeowner Assistance Funds Help Alaskans - Posted January 3, 2023
As Alaska Housing Homeowner Assistance has progressed and the needs of eligible applicants have been met in accordance with the guidelines set by U.S. Treasury, AHFC has been able to identify and apply additional assistance in select areas for eligible applicants.
Understanding Predatory Lending - Posted December 16, 2022
When shopping for a home loan, understanding what predatory lending is and what some of the signs may be can be important.
When presented with the opportunity to distribute nearly $300 million in federal rental assistance to Alaskans impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Alaska Housing used innovative thinking and collaboration to make it happen. Recently, AHFC was recognized nationally for those efforts and its impact on Alaskans.
Housing Rental Market Facing Challenges - Posted November 16, 2022
The housing rental market has been challenging for people across the United States, including Alaska, due to a variety of factors.
Rising interest rates and their impact is a big topic for Alaska homeowners and those looking to enter the housing market. Now, the most recent energy ratings -- if they exist -- for single family homes for sale are readily accessible to real estate professionals and appraisers, empowering their borrowers to save money and make more educated purchasing decisions. Alaska Multiple Listing Service has integrated its database of homes for sale with Alaska Housing Finance Corporation’s Alaska Retrofit Information Systems database, commonly known as ARIS.
The designation means borrowers can take advantage of Alaska Housing's Military Facility Zone Program, which will allow increased financing opportunities for investors building residences in the area.
Finding Happiness in Helping Others - Posted October 5, 2022
Once a participant in Alaska Housing programs, Sammie Wright now helps others find life-changing resources as an AHFC employee.