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Timely Distribution Keeps Funding In AK - Posted January 20, 2022
Among the first administering agencies to accept applications in the nation, AHFC worked quickly to distribute allocated federal funds through Alaska Housing Rent Relief. Learn more about the success of this program and how working together helped keep Alaskans in their homes.
Staff Story: Derrick Chan - Posted January 3, 2022
Work performance can be hard to measure but Daniel Delfino, director of AHFC’s planning department, found a unique way to bring attention to employee Derrick Chan’s contributions to AHFC.
Staff Story: Mark Romick - Posted December 31, 2021
Raising awareness and combating homelessness are top priorities for AHFC. Learn how Deputy Executive Director Mark Romick made a difference during a national fundraising event.
Staff Story: Sandra Palmer - Posted December 20, 2021
Every February Sandra Palmer in AHFC’s Executive Office celebrates a very special day — Rita Pitka Blumenstein Day. Learn about Sandra's mother Rita, and how her basket weaving and skin sewing found its way to the White House Christmas tree.
Staff Story: Chris Tillman - Posted December 14, 2021
Chris Tillman's extensive background in safety landed him a job as a Risk Management Specialist at AHFC. And as an assistant instructor of Tae Kwon Do, he knows a fair bit about managing risk outside of the office as well. Learn more about Chris – and his favorite action star.
Staff Story: Celia Shannon - Posted December 1, 2021
Celia Shannon got into art 15 years ago, and it's been part of her life ever since. Read how Celia passes her time when not behind her desk in AHFC's public housing department.
It Feels Good To Make A Difference - Posted November 21, 2021
As a former journalist, Andrew Kenneson spent the early part of his career writing a story for others to experience. Now an Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) navigator for Kodiak Island Housing Authority, he is living an experience that is directly and positively impacting the lives of others.
The Power of Partnerships - Posted November 19, 2021
As the Chief Executive Officer of TNHA, Griffin Hagle had a front row seat to the pandemic and its devastating effects on residents of the Arctic Slope. Learn how TNHA’s partnership with AHFC allowed them to take swift advantage of Alaska Housing Rent Relief, and quickly serve several dozen renters in the area.
Staff Story: Jimmy Ord - Posted November 18, 2021
As part of AHFC's 50th Anniversary we're sharing more about our staff! Find out what Jimmy Ord gets up to when he’s not at his desk working on energy efficiency issues.
Mindy Pruitt, executive director, Kodiak Island Housing Authority (KIHA), understands first-hand the tremendous impact generated by Congress’ approval of emergency rent relief aid. Read about the positive influence Alaska Housing Rent Relief has had in her community.
Staff Story: Andy Petroni - Posted November 13, 2021
We're sharing stories about our staff as part of AFHC's 50th Anniversary. Find out what brought Andy Petroni of the planning department to Alaska, and where you'll find him when not in the office!
Like many expectant parents, the pandemic made the circumstances particularly challenging for Alonzo and her family. Learn how they found the assistance they needed through Alaska Housing Rent Relief.
Staff Story: Penny Allen - Posted November 9, 2021
If something needs to get done, Penny is your go-to gal and the only female on AHFC maintenance crews in the state.
Staff Story: Cathy Stone - Posted November 1, 2021
Many of AHFC’s employees volunteer and help raise money for worthy causes. Learn how Cathy Stone, director of public housing and Daniel Delfino, director of planning did their part!
Staff Story: Cindi Sowder - Posted October 26, 2021
Say hello to Iggy, AHFC’s Gnome from Nome, lovingly created by administrative services knitting needle wizard Cindi Sowder.
Staff Story: Andy Morton - Posted October 20, 2021
Whatever you do after 5 p.m. should be fun. Andy Morton, who works in AHFC’s administrative services, finds bowling to be right up his alley!
Staff Story: Kaylee Williams - Posted September 15, 2021
Kaylee Williams works in AHFC’s mortgage department. She has a big heart. And some serious talent as seamstress.
Alaska Housing celebrates 50 years of serving the people of Alaska with everything from mortgages, public housing, energy efficiency expertise, support for those who are homeless, and more. Learn about our history through an interactive timeline that showcases five decades of Alaska Housing milestones.
Cultivating Connection in Fairbanks - Posted July 19, 2021
On June 8, 2021 Calypso Farm and Wild Rose Farm donated starter plants and seeds to residents. Wild Rose Farm shared and demonstrated gardening tips and tricks to help Southhall Manor’s garden grow and flourish.
A Public Housing Success Story - Posted October 29, 2020
As a single mom, RaShawn said transitioning from the emergency shelter for mothers and children to AHFC’s public housing, then enrolling in Jumpstart, was a changing point in her life.