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Finding Inspiration at Alaska Housing - Posted September 20, 2023
Grants Administrator Brenda Vu says she did not know what she wanted for her future when she started as a temporary worker at Alaska Housing. Inspired by her clients and colleagues, she discovered a career she is passionate about.
Making an Impact Through Energy Efficiency - Posted September 7, 2023
As Energy Program Manager in the department of Research and Rural Development, Michael Spencer helps to find the balance between the parts of AHFC's mission statement.
Can Always Navigate Through - Posted September 1, 2023
For Lakesha, AHFC's public housing provided a safety net for her forward movement. Through the Step program, she found resources that are helping her on her path as an entrepreneur and business owner.
Finding Community at AHFC - Posted August 23, 2023
Budget Analyst Kang Her said she values being part of a team that makes an impact for Alaskans, but above all she is grateful for a work environment of kindness and support.
A Journey to Homeownership - Posted August 17, 2023
After finding a new career at Alaska Housing, Jamie Bordelon began to consider a goal that had previously felt out of reach — homeownership.
An Eye-Opening Internship - Posted August 9, 2023
In 2022, an internship at Alaska Housing provided Caitlin Vance with new inspiration and valuable learning opportunities.
For Jolie Andon, a temporary position at AHFC during the COVID-19 pandemic led to opportunities in a field she hadn't previously considered.
Pat Verdugo has spent the past two decades with Alaska Housing, working in a variety of roles for AHFC’s Public Housing Department in Fairbanks. At 78 years old, she's not showing any signs of slowing down.
Redefining What Is Possible - Posted June 21, 2023
As Alaska Housing worked to get federal financial assistance to Alaskans affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, it helped redefine Donald Gotchal's work – for the better.
Twenty-five years after starting with Alaska Housing as a maintenance laborer, Pat Cochran has worked in a number of positions within the organization – allowing him to see the impact AHFC makes from many different perspectives.
Jerusha Gatfield has spent much of her career ensuring people have access to safe, quality, affordable housing.
Shakira Kazmer Quintana has a number of roles with Alaska Housing. Almost all of them come down to one simple concept: "I just want to work now to help others."
Protecting Your Home From Ice Dams - Posted March 8, 2023
The icicles hanging off your roof may look pretty, but they can be damaging to your home. Find out the causes of icicles and ice dams, how to prevent them and why that's important for your house's well-being.
Growing a Career at AHFC - Posted March 2, 2023
When Mike Carlson joined Alaska Housing a decade ago, he was looking for opportunities to grow his career and be part of 'something bigger than just me.' He's found just that in his time at AHFC.
Came for Opportunity, Stayed for Community - Posted February 22, 2023
Alaska Housing's longest-serving employee, Phill Adams, reflects on his 34-year career in the mortgage department and how the industry and the corporation have changed over the years.
Living the Mission, Loving the Work - Posted January 26, 2023
As Risk Manager for Alaska Housing, Chris Tillman plays a vital role in the organization's mission to provide safe, quality, affordable housing to Alaskans. It's a perfect fit for someone who "always had the feeling that I could help someone."
Making a Difference for Her Community - Posted January 18, 2023
For Karlene Maxwell, her work is an opportunity to help the community she serves.
Taking the Right Steps - Posted January 4, 2023
John was living in a family member's car when he found a life-changing opportunity with Alaska Housing Stabilization and Recovery. After learning about the program through Helping Alaska in Fairbanks, John is grateful for having a place to call home.
12 Stories to Cheer in 2022 - Posted December 30, 2022
As we look back on 2022, there were tremendous stories Alaska Housing had the privilege of telling.
An Unexpected Journey with AHFC - Posted December 7, 2022
Madison Smith didn't plan to have a job in the public housing sector. However, an internship with Alaska Housing started a journey that has led to fulfilling career.