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In May, AHFC leadership attended the third annual Alaska Sustainable Energy Conference where Governor Dunleavy discussed three energy bills passed by the 33rd Alaska Legislature.
Can heat pumps keep homes warm and save money at the same time? An AHFC study in Seward is looking to find the answer.
AHFC’s Research and Rural Development department has tips to help homeowners avoid flooding as the snow melts this spring.
In February 2024, AHFC's Research and Rural Development department joined Alaska building and real estate professionals for two days of energy efficiency training.
This two-day training will provide professionals with the chance to learn from industry experts, network with their peers and share information about energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings.
Solar for All - Posted October 26, 2023
AHFC's Research and Rural Development Staff are working to harness federal funding opportunities to make a difference for Alaskans.
October is Energy Awareness Month - Posted October 5, 2023
October is Energy Awareness Month, a time to learn about energy use and identify ways to improve your household’s energy efficiency. Alaska Housing has resources and tips to help you get started.
Simple actions recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy can help you prepare your home for winter and save money on energy expenses.
Making an Impact Through Energy Efficiency - Posted September 7, 2023
As Energy Program Manager in the department of Research and Rural Development, Michael Spencer helps to find the balance between the parts of AHFC's mission statement.
Energy Efficiency and Home Resale Value - Posted August 30, 2023
Homeowners who make energy efficiency improvements can not only save money on utility costs, they may also enhance the potential resale value of their home.
Summer Upgrades for Winter Savings - Posted July 20, 2023
The warmer months are a great time to upgrade your home's windows and exterior doors, ensuring your home is comfortable this winter.
Maintaining proper insulation and air sealing are essential steps in creating an energy efficient home. Homeowners who make energy efficiency improvements can not only save on utility costs, they may also benefit from federal income tax credits.
Investing in upgrades to make your home more energy efficient can help manage costs over time.
As spring starts to make its appearance, now is a good time to prepare your house before the snow and ice begin to melt. Here are some tips from Alaska Housing experts.
Protecting Your Home From Ice Dams - Posted March 8, 2023
The icicles hanging off your roof may look pretty, but they can be damaging to your home. Find out the causes of icicles and ice dams, how to prevent them and why that's important for your house's well-being.
Growing a Career at AHFC - Posted March 2, 2023
When Mike Carlson joined Alaska Housing a decade ago, he was looking for opportunities to grow his career and be part of 'something bigger than just me.' He's found just that in his time at AHFC.
Thinking about making improvements to increase your home's energy efficiency? Recent changes to the tax law will allow homeowners to receive more tax credits for qualified energy efficiency improvements.
Rising interest rates and their impact is a big topic for Alaska homeowners and those looking to enter the housing market. Now, the most recent energy ratings -- if they exist -- for single family homes for sale are readily accessible to real estate professionals and appraisers, empowering their borrowers to save money and make more educated purchasing decisions. Alaska Multiple Listing Service has integrated its database of homes for sale with Alaska Housing Finance Corporation’s Alaska Retrofit Information Systems database, commonly known as ARIS.
Funds Boost Weatherization Program - Posted September 30, 2022
Alaska Weatherization Assistance, which is intended to help low-income households reduce utility costs and meet vital needs, recently received an $18 million commitment from the federal government.
Alaska Housing's Building Monitoring (BMON) system allows rural healthcare provider to track facility maintenance needs remotely, saving time and resources while solving problems in real time.