Section 8 Moderate Rehabilitation; Adelaide Administrative Plan

Title Date Issued
~ADL Table of Contents 4/1/24
ADL Exhibit A-01 Reasonable Accommodations 4/1/23
ADL Exhibit A-02 Language Identification Flashcard 6/1/20
ADL Exhibit A-03 Information Requests 12/1/22
ADL Exhibit A-04 Poverty Guidelines for Alaska 2/1/24
ADL Exhibit A-05 Fair Housing Plan 7/1/20
ADL Exhibit A-07 Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) 6/1/20
ADL Exhibit B-01 Qualify as a Family 7/1/20
ADL Exhibit B-02 Meet Income Eligibility Requirements 2/1/21
ADL Exhibit B-03 Meet Citizenship Requirements 7/1/20
ADL Exhibit B-04 Screening 6/1/20
ADL Exhibit B-05 Local Preferences 8/1/20
ADL Exhibit B-06 Waiting List Management 6/1/21
ADL Exhibit B-07 Student Rule 11/1/20
ADL Exhibit B-08 Live-In Aide 11/1/20
ADL Exhibit B-09 Suitability for Tenancy 7/1/20
ADL Exhibit B-10 Social Security Number Requirement 1/1/21
ADL Exhibit C-01 Annual Income Determination 4/1/24
ADL Exhibit C-02 Adjusted Annual Income Determination 7/1/20
ADL Exhibit C-03 Allowable Medical Expenses 8/1/20
ADL Exhibit C-04 Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System 8/1/20
ADL Exhibit C-05 Verification Hierarchy 8/1/20
ADL Exhibit C-06 Passbook Savings Rate 2/1/23
ADL Exhibit G-01 Inspection Process 4/1/21
ADL Exhibit G-02 Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detection Devices 3/1/22
ADL Exhibit H-01 Termination Reasons – AHFC 2/1/21
ADL Exhibit H-02 Termination Reasons – Operator 2/1/21
ADL Exhibit H-03 Termination Reasons - Family 2/1/21
ADL Exhibit I-01 Applicant Informal Review Process 6/1/21
ADL Exhibit I-02 Tenant Administrative Review Process 6/1/21
ADL Exhibit I-03 Informal Hearing for Citizenship Determination 6/1/21
ADL Exhibit M-02 Allegations, Family Errors, and Misrepresentation 8/1/21
ADL Exhibit M-03 Payment Management 8/1/21
ADL Exhibit M-04 Payment Agreements 8/1/21
ADL Exhibit M-05 Collection Activities 8/1/21
ADL Part A Program Overview 6/1/20
ADL Part B Eligibility and Admission 6/1/21
ADL Part C Income Determination and Verification 8/1/20
ADL Part C Participant Selection 4/1/21
ADL Part E Pre-Occupancy Briefing 4/1/21
ADL Part G Inspections and Inspection Standards 4/1/21
ADL Part H Termination of Assistance, HAP Contract, or Tenancy 2/1/21
ADL Part I Applicant and Tenant Grievances 6/1/21
ADL Part M Charges, Payments, and Collection 8/1/21



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