Housing Choice Voucher Program

Are you an Alaska landlord looking for reliable income from your rental properties? Enrolling as a participating landlord in the Housing Choice Voucher program allows you to receive timely and dependable payments from AHFC while providing Alaskans with safe, quality, affordable housing.

Over 4,000 families participate in the program statewide and more than 2,000 rental property owners are already accepting Housing Choice Vouchers. Alaska Housing is always looking for additional landlord participation, and we are available to help you make informed decisions about participating in the Housing Choice Voucher program.

About Housing Choice Vouchers

Housing Choice Vouchers are available in 12 Alaska communities and guarantee on-time rental payments to landlords while helping eligible Alaskans lease rentals in the private rental market. Here are the basics:​​​

  • Alaska Housing maintains a housing assistance waitlist for qualified applicants. Before receiving a voucher, applicants are screened by Alaska Housing for program and income eligibility. 
  • Tenants who are approved for voucher assistance search for housing in the private rental market and go through the landlord's standard application, screening and approval process, just like any other renter.
  • AHFC, the renter, and the landlord enter into a contractual relationship that is covered under Alaska’s Landlord Tenant Act.
  • Tenants are initially responsible for paying approximately 30% of their adjusted gross income to the landlord for rent.
  • The remaining balance of rent is paid by AHFC directly to the landlord or property management firm.
  • Participating landlords receive reliable, on-time rent payments for the duration of the rental agreement.

Benefits to Landlords

  • Alaska Housing pays a rental subsidy directly to you.
  • You set the amount of security deposit according to local practice.
  • You choose your tenants.
  • You receive timely and dependable payments.
  • Participation will help to fill your rental vacancies while providing Alaska families safe, quality, affordable housing.

Where Voucher Assistance Is Available 

Housing Choice Vouchers are available in 12 communities throughout Alaska and applications are accepted in different communities throughout the year. Find out if the Housing Choice Voucher program is available in your community.

How Vouchers Help Alaska Renters

For some, it's a challenge to find housing at an affordable price. By accepting vouchers, participating landlords are providing safe, quality, affordable housing for specific populations. These include: 

  • A diversity of individuals and families that otherwise could not afford a private rental.
  • Seniors who wish to live independently for a longer period of time.
  • Individuals with a disability who prefer to live alone, and with proper accommodation.

Read Housing Choice Voucher information for tenants, including their obligations while enrolled, the support structures available to them, and how participation helps renters increase their employment opportunities and income, while decreasing their need for assistance. 

Who Qualifies for Voucher Assistance

  • A family whose income does not exceed 50% of the area median income is eligible to apply with Alaska Housing for a voucher. There is no minimum income requirement. Specific income limits are set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and are based on family size and the community in which the rental unit is located.
  • AHFC maintains a housing assistance waitlist for qualified applicants. Before receiving a voucher, AHFC screens applicants for program and income eligibility.

How Prospective Tenants Are Reviewed & Approved

Landlords still review and approve prospective tenants. Your regular application and screening process still applies, including:

  • Meeting and interviewing applicants.
  • Running background checks.
  • Reviewing past rental history.
  • Asking for employer and/or personal references.
  • Using your own lease (AHFC requires an initial lease term of one year).

Get The Facts

There are many myths and a lot of misinformation about the "risk" of renting to a tenant with a Housing Choice Voucher. We encourage you to get the facts!


How To Become A Participating Landlord

It's easy to become a participating landlord!

  1. Complete required paperwork. To rent units to voucher holders, landlords in the private rental market enter into a Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract with Alaska Housing.
  2. Attend a move-in inspection. Rental units that meet HUD housing quality standards (HQS) and rent-reasonableness criteria are likely to be considered eligible rental properties.
  3. Supply a copy of your rental agreement.
  4. Cash monthly rental checks. The amount of rent Alaska Housing may subsidize is based upon the unit size, the community in which the unit is located, and the comparable market conditions.


  • Screen potential tenants.
  • Maintain the rental unit in a decent, safe, and sanitary condition necessary to meet HUD housing quality standards.
  • Comply with terms and conditions of the lease and HAP contract.
  • Inform Alaska Housing when the lease ends and/or when the tenant vacates.
  • Comply with all rights and responsibilities of the Alaska Landlord/Tenant Act.


  • Comply with Alaska Housing rules and regulations.
  • Comply with the lease.


  • Determine client's income eligibility.
  • Inform tenant of all program requirements.
  • By law, Alaska Housing cannot pay any rental assistance monies for a particular unit until all steps below are completed.
    1. The unit has passed HQS Inspection.
    2. The lease and HAP contract have been signed.
    3. The tenant is living in the unit.

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