For Developers

Alaska Housing offers loans that are specially tailored for housing professionals needs. In this section, you'll find a description of these loans along with the qualifications necessary for successful application.

If you're a professional helping Alaskans find the right loan for their single-family home purchase, please check out the loans listed in our consumer section.

Program summaries

Assistance Provider Loan Program

A loan program for housing that is occupied by a live-in care provider who assists the activities of daily living for individuals with either a physical or mental disability (the Occupants). The loan may be for the acquisition, acquisition with rehabilitation and/or improvement of an existing property, or long-term financing of a construction loan for new housing with at least two occupants residing in the housing.

Homeowner Association Program

AHFC will fund loans to homeowner associations for common-area capital improvements related to the health and safety of the residents or the structural integrity of the buildings. Examples include roof or siding replacement, window replacement, energy efficiency upgrades, or driveway improvements.

Loans to Sponsors

Loans to Sponsors (LTSP) is a program under which AHFC, subject to the availability of funds, makes low interest loans to non-profit corporations, regional housing authorities, or government entities (the Sponsor) to make home ownership more accessible to lower to moderate-income borrowers.

Multi-Family Loan Purchase Program

AHFC participates with approved lenders to provide financing for housing consisting of buildings with at least five units and designed principally for residential use.

Multi-Family Federally Insured Loan Program

AHFC participates with approved lenders and a federal guarantor to provide financing for the purpose of acquisition, rehabilitation and refinance of multi-family housing.

Multi-Family Congregate and Special Needs Program

Promotes affordable housing for persons of lower- to moderate-income for the purpose of development, acquisition, rehabilitation and refinance.

Senior Housing Loan Program

The Senior Housing Loan program offers financing for the purchase, construction or rehabilitation of properties for persons who meet the federal definition of elderly.