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Maintaining Your Rater Agreement

Energy rater agreements issued after September 1, 2010 are valid for 3 years from the date they are signed into effect by AHFC. Energy raters who have been issued energy rater agreements after September 1, 2010, must meet the following requirements to maintain their rater agreement:

  1. Maintain a current BEES certification
  2. Maintain a current Building Analyst Certification from the Building Performance Institute
  3. Notify AHFC to any changes in your background status

Refer to the Rater Training Status Spreadsheet for Renewed Energy Raters to view your current status on certifications.

A minimum of 30 days before your energy rater agreement expires, the energy rater shall:

  • Submit proof of completion of current BEES and BPI certifications
  • Submit a completed Energy Rater Application (Word | Acrobat)

If a change in your background history has occurred, you must also submit:

Upon receipt and approval of the completed renewal package, AHFC will issue a blank energy rater agreement. The energy rater must sign and return the signed original to AHFC. Once signed by AHFC, the energy rater will receive a copy of the executed agreement.