Renewing BPI Building Analyst Certification

BPI Building Analyst certifications are valid for 3 years from the date the applicant met the testing and/or training requirements.

BPI establishes the requirements to renew the BPI Building Analyst certification in the BPI CEU Policy. BPI approves the classes and conference that qualify to renew your certification. Find an approved BPItest center. Be sure to read the list closely to ensure that classes or conferences you attend qualify.Contact BPIregarding any questions about eligible classes, conferences, or other ways to renew your BPI Building Analyst certification.

  • Current BPI expiration dates are shown in the Rater Training Status Spreadsheet for Renewed Energy Raters.
  • Provide AHFC a copy of the following prior to the expiration of your BPI Building Analyst certification:
    • either your BPI Building Analyst certificate, OR,
    • BPI Building Analyst certification card with expiration date.
  • Submit the documentation to AHFC.
  • You must submit proof of your renewed BPI Building Analyst certification 30-days before your certification expires.

The energy rater agreement will be suspended, and possibly terminated, for failure to provide the proper documentation prior to expiration.

NOTE: AHFC does not require copies of training, conference attendance or other CEU certificates for BPI Building Analyst CEUs. Do not send training, conference or other CEU certificates to AHFC.