Renewing BEES Certification

BEES certification expires February 1st in even-numbered years.

renew your BEES by:

  • Attending an 8-hour in-person initial BEES class
  • Attending a 4-hour BEES refresher
  • Completing the online BEES exam offered through Wisdom & Associates.
  • You can check for BEES classes at the AHFC Training Calendar.

To keep your BEES current you must submit a copy of either:

  • your BEES certificate from attending a class or online refresher, OR,
  • your BEES exam score from attending a class or taking an online exam.

Submit the documentation to AHFC.

You must submit proof of completion of a current BEES course or exam 30-days before your BEES certification expires.

The energy rater agreement will be suspended, and possibly terminated, for failure to provide the proper documentation prior to expiration.