Part D - Re-certification of Household Income

  1. Annual Re-certifications

    Within ninety (90) days of the participants annual anniversary date, the Operator conducts an annual re-certification of household eligibility and a new Total Tenant Payment (TTP) is established. For every participant, the effective date of annual re-certification must fall within twelve (12) months from the first of the month of the move-in date on the original Lease.

    Operator will conduct third party verification of all public benefits and employment with the requisite signed authorizations Documents are then forwarded to AHFC.Upon receipt of the documents, the AHFC Housing Program Specialist shall calculate the HAP and tenant rent AHFC shall prepare a HUD 50058 form that details the effective date of the change, income, and deductions, the housing assistance payment and tenant rent. AHFC shall send to the Operator all necessary information so it notifies the tenant of such changes.

    If more or missing information is needed to complete the review, AHFC will write to Operator, detail the missing information, and provide Operator ten (10) business days to supply the information necessary to complete the annual review.
  2. Interim Re-certifications

    In general, changes in participant income do not require an interim re-certification of income except in those three circumstances outlined below. The Operators lease shall specify under what circumstances the participant must report changes in income.
    • The Operator shall conduct an interim re-certification at any time in which the participant requests one due to a decrease in income.
    • The Operator shall conduct an interim re-certification, every ninety days, for a participant who claims to receive no earned or unearned income (excluding the Permanent Fund Dividend). The participant must complete a No Work, No Income declaration, using AHFC Form # VF 115, at each 90-day interval.
    • The Operator shall conduct an interim re-certification of a participant who previously declared NO Work, No Income, but is now employed. The participant is responsible for declaring the income within 10 business days from the date of employment.

    Documentation of the nature of the change may require third-party verification unless it is self-explanatory such as a letter from an employer.
    If a Section 8 participant requests an interim exam because of a decrease in income, third party verification is required. Any adjustment to the TTP becomes effective the first of the month following the completion of the interim re-certification including receipt of verification documents. If the completion of the re-certification cannot occur prior to months end, the adjustment to the TTP shall become effective the month following the re-certification.
    For all annual and interim re-certifications, the required forms of verification must be current within a period of 90 days of the re-certification date.
  3. Participant Reporting Requirements

    Participants must accurately report to Operator (on behalf of AHFC) all income and assets at the annual reexamination and at any required interim examination. Participants who had previously declared No Work, No Income must report any change in income within 10 business days of the actual change.
  4. Zero Income Reporting Requirements

    Any participant verified as having, zero income at the time of admittance, annual re-certification or interim re-certification will be responsible for reporting any changes in income status. AHFC will recalculate the tenant rent and housing assistance payment upon participant notification to Operator of receipt of any household income defined in Appendix A of this Administrative Plan.

    At the time of admission or re-certification, it may not be possible to make an estimate of Annual Income for the next 12-month period with any degree of accuracy. In these circumstances, the Operator shall schedule an interim re-certification at least every 90 days until such time as a stable source of income is reported. Operator shall use AHFC Form VF 115, No Work, No Income Verification if such a condition exists. Participants who are required to sign the No Work, No Income Verification must report any new source of income within 10 business days of the actual change.
  5. Participant Responsibilities

    In the event that a Section 8 participant does not comply with the income reporting procedures required at the annual or interim re-certification, AHFC may terminate the participants assistance per 24 CFR 982.55 1, the Statement of Individual Responsibility, and 24 CFR.982.552.

    Operator shall contact a participant in writing whenever they fail to: 1) Complete the Annual Review; 2) Fail to arrive for any scheduled appointments; 3) Fail to supply documentation requested by Operator. The follow up letter shall contain a list of deficient items. This letter is copied to the AHFC Housing Program Specialist.

    The participant shall have ten (10) business days to contact Operator. Operator will determine the merits of the participants failure to respond. The Operator will remind the participant of their responsibilities and may offer another appointment date to acquire necessary information. If the participant does not contact Operator within the ten (10) business days, Operator shall consult with AHFC to make a collaborative determination to either work with the participant to complete the process or to recommend to the AHFC Section 8 Program Supervisor that the participant be terminated from the Program.
  6. File Audit

    On a periodic basis, AHFC will complete participant file audits for income eligibility and Total Tenant Payment. AHFC will provide the Operator with a copy of the audit results to retain for their records. Should AHFC determine that a participant under-reported income, it will notify the participant in writing about the alleged discrepancy. The letter will offer the participant the options of(i) entering into a re-payment agreement with AHFC for the excess HAP payments; (ii) terminate the Section 8 assistance. The participant is entitled to an informal hearing from AHFC should they wish to contest the audit findings.
  7. Verification of Income and Total Tenant Payment (TTP)

    For annual reviews, data used to document income must be current within 90 days of receipt by Operator. A complete and accurate verification of income is required at the time of the annual review using similar documentation as was acquired at initial eligibility.
    • Letters or other statements from employers, government agencies and other pertinent sources giving authoritative information concerning all items and amounts of income and deductions, together with other eligibility and preference determinations.
    • Copies of documents in the applicants possession which substantiate these statements, or a brief summary of the pertinent contents of such documents signed and dated by the staff member who viewed them.
    • Signed statements from self-employed persons, and from persons whose earnings are irregular, such as salesmen, taxi drivers, etc., setting forth gross receipts, itemized expenses, and net income
    • Memorandum of verification data obtained by personal interview, telephone, or other means, with source, date received, and the person receiving the information clearly indicated.
  8. HUD Reporting Requirements

    The accuracy of the computations for new and continued participant eligibility is the responsibility of AHFC, and is reported to HUD using the Form HUD 50058. All computations are initially performed by an Operator and audited by an AHFC Housing Program Specialist for accuracy and submitted to HUD. Computations are randomly audited by the Section 8 Program Supervisor to insure quality control.
  9. Minimum Tenant Rents

    The same conditions apply as at the initial lease up. Please see Item 4, Part D.