Eligibility & Enrollment

Are you worried about being able to pay your rent?

Would you like to increase your job skills or get a better job?

Do you wish that you were able to pay all your bills each month and still have money left over?

Jumpstart is available to participants of Alaska Housing’s rental assistance programs who wish to increase income from employment and decrease dependence on housing assistance. The program is a key component in supporting Alaska Housing’s Step Program families working toward economic independence.

Who is Eligible

All families participating in the Step Program are eligible to participate in Jumpstart. Those in the Classic or Set-Aside Programs who wish to increase their income through work and decrease their dependence on housing assistance are also eligible. Jumpstart is available in all locations where Alaska Housing has either a Voucher or Public Housing program.

How it Works

Through Jumpstart, families will work with an assigned case manager to achieve goals of economic independence and housing stability. All Jumpstart families will have access to a range of financial incentives and educational opportunities specific to their goals. Program benefits include:

  • Assistance in developing a plan for achieving short- and long-term employment and financial goals
  • Resources and educational opportunities to aid career advancement
  • Financial incentives including cash rewards, educational assistance and savings incentives

Jumpstart also offers additional personal planning and supportive services. Families determined to be most at risk of not being able to pay their rent are automatically enrolled. These support services include:

  • Creating short and long-term goals that reduce shelter burden and help with other family financial needs
  • Identifying resources that help overcome barriers and promote self-investment
  • Family mentoring to stay on track with goals and help manage life challenges

How to Enroll

Step participants will be provided enrollment information at each annual scheduled examination. New participants will be able to enroll upon lease-up into the Step Program.

Families that anticipate paying 50 percent or more of household income for rent and utilities under the Step fixed-rent schedule are considered most at risk for not being able to pay rent. These families will automatically be enrolled in Jumpstart’s case management services at their next annual examination.

Families that would like to enroll in the program prior to their next scheduled examination should contact their local housing manager.