Building Monitoring System

You can’t manage what you don't measure, and what you don't manage can cost you. This is one reason Alaska Housing developed a free open source building monitoring system that measures real-time energy use and provides a complete summary of operating performance. The system is able to track building occupancy, temperature, electricity, and fuel use as well as access data from multiple sources, including established weather stations, building automation systems, databases, and other points.

Alaska Housing realized close to 18% energy and cost savings after installing a building monitoring system on its Anchorage office building. To explore Alaska Housing’s near real-time building data visit

To learn more visit

Alaska Housing Building Monitoring System benefits:

  • Access from any web-connected computer
  • Explore multiple options to display data including graphs, spreadsheets, scatter plots, and more.
  • Download the non-proprietary and open source system for free.
  • Give access to multiple operators with different capabilities to monitor the visual dashboard.
  • Monitor real-time energy flows, determine the energy costs of specific systems and identify cost-saving opportunities.