From finding an approved lender and learning about general loan requirements to calculating your gross monthly income or checking current interest rates, these links are resources that can help you throughout the homebuying process.

Condo Project List

A list of Common Interest Community (Condo) Projects which meet Alaska Housing's requirements for Site Condominiums.

Condominium Information

Information about Alaska Housing condominium mortgage loan requirements.

Current Rates

View current loan interest rates and sign up for daily email updates.

Down Payment Assistance

Learn about the Closing Cost Assistance Program and Down Payment Assistance options.

Gross Monthly Income Worksheet

Download and fill out this income worksheet to calculate your gross monthly income.

Helpful Links

A collection of websites and organizations that can help you throughout the homebuying process.

Learn & Do It Yourself

Alaska Housing offers a wide variety of classes for prospective homebuyers, homeowners, and housing professionals, as well as adult general education and GED training.

Loan Limits

A table of loan limits for Alaska Housing's Single-Family Loan programs.

Mortgage Staff Directory

Names and contact information for Mortgage Operation and Service staff.

Mortgage Resources

Find additional mortgage information for your specific situation.

Prepayment Penalty Calculator

Calculate the prepayment penalty on a multi-family loan (note: it is the responsibility of the seller/servicer to verify all loan terms and stipulations contained in the note and/or loan agreement).

First-Time Homebuyers

If you're a first-time homebuyer, Alaska Housing provides additional tools and resources to make good purchasing decisions for you and your family.