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Loan Programs

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) offers a variety of loan programs, from single-family and multi-family loans to loan options and other programs in both urban and rural areas. To find out if you qualify for an AHFC loan program, contact an approved lender.

To learn more, go to Getting Started (a homebuyer's checklist).

Single-Family Loan Programs

Loans for purchase, refinance and renovation of single-family homes through fourplex properties for the owner and non-owner occupant, including second mortgages.

First-Time Homebuyer Programs

Manufactured Home Program

Financing for manufactured housing located in a mobile home park or on land (not attached to a permanent foundation).

Nonconforming Programs

This program is available for certain properties for which financing may not be obtained through private, state or federal mortgage programs.

Refinance Program

The Refinance Program allows applicants to obtain new financing to improve the terms on their existing loan and/or finance renovations (improvements) whether or not the property is currently financed by AHFC.

Rural Non-Owner-Occupied Loan Program

Financing to purchase or renovate rental housing in small communities.Long-term financing is also available for owner-built, newly constructed rental housing.

Rural Owner-Occupied Loan Program

Financing to purchase or renovate owner-occupied housing in small communities. Long-term financing is also available for the owner-built, newly constructed home.

Second Mortgage Program

The Second Mortgage Program provides financing to renovate existing homes or to purchase a home in conjunction with the assumption of an existing AHFC mortgage loan.

Second Mortgage Program for Energy Conservation

Owner-occupants may finance up to $30,000 of energy improvements, choosing from a list of upgrades included with the energy audit of their home.

Small Building Material Loan

Financing for the renovation or completion of residential properties located in "small communities." Properties may be owner occupied or non-owner occupied.

Streamline Refinance Program

Borrowers with property currently financed by AHFC may obtain new financing without income, credit, or appraisal qualifications.

Tax-Exempt First-Time Homebuyer Program

The Tax-Exempt Program (TEP) offers lower interest rates to eligible first-time homebuyers. First-time homebuyers are borrowers who have not owned a primary residence in the last three years.

Taxable First-Time Homebuyer

This first-time homebuyer program offers a reduced interest rate to eligible borrowers without the income limits, acquisition cost limits or recapture provisions of the TEP.

Taxable Program

The Taxable Program is available statewide for applicants or properties not meeting the particular requirements of other AHFC programs.

Veterans Mortgage Program

Qualified veterans may obtain financing at lower interest rates. (Veterans may not have been discharged from active duty service more than 25 years prior to application date.)

Alphabetical list of all AHFC loan programs and options.