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Summer is a time when kids get to forget about homework and tests, and focus on enjoying themselves. 

Across Alaska, summer camps allow children the opportunity to participate in fun activities, play sports, and learn new skills. It can help them stay connected with other kids, keep them engaged in the learning process, and provide a safe environment in which to play. 

Making a Splash at Camp

For brothers Kaleb, 10, and Kalvin, 6, summer camp was a time to splash around with other kids in a pool at The Alaska Club in Anchorage. They lounged on inflatable toys, climbed over a floating obstacle course, and made new friends. 

When asked what his favorite part of camp was, Kaleb responded with a grin while hanging on the side of the pool: “Swimming and free time.”  Hear more from the campers themselves as they share their experiences.

Enjoying a Range of Activities

For Kitalia, an 8-year-old from Juneau, camp provided a chance to explore the world of dance and art. The Juneau Dance Theatre camp offered a variety of classes that she could attend throughout the day, expanding the range of available activities and learning experiences. 

“She definitely gained the socialization she's been craving,” said Kitalia’s mother, Laura. “She also learned how to be a great artist!”

Scholarship Helps Pay for Camps

But for many kids across Alaska, summer camps are not affordable for their families. Kaleb and Kalvin spent two weeks at summer camp, and Kitalia enjoyed her time at Juneau Dance Theatre, all through Alaska Housing’s Youth Summer Camp and Activity Scholarships.

“Without the scholarship, she wouldn’t have been able to attend,” said Kitalia’s mother. 

Since 2011, the scholarship has helped more than 1,000 young Alaskans attend a camp. In that time, nearly $300,000 and generous sponsorships from over 150 vendors have been invested in Alaskan youth.

To be eligible, scholarship recipients must be ages 6–17 and reside in a rental unit owned by AHFC or receive assistance through an AHFC housing voucher

"Meeting Kids Where They’re At"

The types of camps available are as varied as the interests of the youths who participate. That includes camps that focus on STEM-related topics such as science, technology, engineering, math or computers, as well as camps for art and sports.

“Any of these young Alaskans who are receiving AHFC housing assistance can attend a summer camp, take part in an activity, an enrichment opportunity or participate in a sport of their choosing,” said Mandi Manning, AHFC Resident Services Manager for Public Housing. “We want to meet the kids where they’re at, and give them the opportunity that fits their interest.”

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