12 Stories to Cheer in 2022

As we look back on 2022, there were tremendous stories Alaska Housing had the privilege of telling. 

From programs that assisted homeowners to new affordable housing facilities opening, to tales of personal triumph and collaborations between statewide organizations that created innovative approaches to meeting challenges, 2022 produced memorable moments.

Collage highlights photos of 12 stories AHFC shared in 2022.

Celebrating Alaskans

Here are 12 stories that stood out. From top to bottom, left to right:

  1. Sammie, an AHFC employee who once used the same resources she now helps Alaskans access. 
  2. Kathy, the grandmother to two young gymnasts with Olympic-sized dreams, was able to have them attend a rigorous gymnastics camp thanks to the AHFC Youth Summer Camp & Activity Scholarship.
  3. Alaska Housing was recognized nationally for its efforts to distribute nearly $300 million in federal rental assistance to Alaskans.
  4. Allyssa is a landlord who has helped individuals facing homelessness in Fairbanks to have a chance at a new start through Alaska Housing Stabilization and Recovery. 
  5. Robert was able to take advantage of resources such as Alaska Housing Rent Relief while he overcome addiction, anxiety and depression, and eventually found a job he loves.
  6. Michael received a hand up at Helping Alaska and found a home of his own with assistance from Alaska Housing Stabilization and Recovery.
  7. Our Golden Towers Public Housing facility received a facelift that was completed this summer.
  8. AHFC joined Cook Inlet Housing Authority and other partners in celebrating the opening of Ch’bala Corners, an intergenerational living property for senior and multi-family housing units.
  9. Working closely with Alaska Housing provided Kristina with resources that helped her go from public housing to owning her own home.
  10. Tabatha’s journey helped her land a new career and on a path toward financial independence. 
  11. Alaska Housing’s innovative Building Monitoring (BMON) System uses technology to help manage facilities remotely, saving time and preventing issues before they happen.
  12. A college internship with Alaska Housing started a journey that has led to a fulfilling career for Madison.

Editor's Note: This blog was updated on March 29, 2023 to include a more recent story.