Renovations Restore Shine to the Golden Towers

The Golden Towers Apartments in Fairbanks recently received a facelift that will improve the look, feel, and efficiency of the complex. 

Located in the heart of downtown Fairbanks, the Golden Towers has nearly 100 units and is a multi-family public housing unit, with a preference for senior residents, owned by Alaska Housing. In June 2022, AHFC completed a year-long renovation to the apartment complex, which has served local residents for parts of six decades. 

Improvements for Tenants

New windows, exterior patio doors, screens and railings were installed throughout the apartment complex. Patio deck drainage was improved. Siding on the outside of the building was repaired or replaced. The exterior was painted in key areas to improve the overall appearance. Finally, additional upgrades were made to improve functionality to the building. 

The improvements are part of Alaska Housing’s commitment to provide safe, quality and affordable housing for Alaskans. For Golden Towers residents, the recently completed renovations will make their homes more comfortable while adding new life to the building. 

The before and after pictures below show how the renovations have helped improve the look and feel of the Golden Towers apartments.