Opening of Ch'bala Corners Celebrated


On September 14, Cook Inlet Housing Authority held the grand opening ceremony for a new affordable housing property, Ch’bala Corners. Located in the Spenard neighborhood of Anchorage, Ch’bala Corners is an intergenerational living property comprised of 48 senior and multi-family housing units and a communal greenspace.

Carol Gore, President/CEO of Cook Inlet Housing Authority, addressed investors, partners, property residents and community members at the ceremony. Gore celebrated the property’s progression “from a shared idea to a grand opening.”

She emphasized the high demand for affordable housing saying that CIHA received over 1,000 applications for the 48 new housing units. There is more to come, as CIHA is in the process of adding 38 more rental units to the corner in addition to the 60 rentals CIHA already owns nearby.

“My mom would say this is a village. I think there is no better way to describe the importance of this investment.”

– Carol Gore, President/CEO of Cook Inlet Housing Authority

A History of Collaboration

AHFC Planning and Program Development Director Daniel Delfino spoke about the history of collaboration between Alaska Housing and Cook Inlet Housing. He noted that Ch’bala Corners was one of 23 CIHA projects that had been funded through AHFC’s Greater Opportunities for Affordable Living (GOAL) program, which provides grants, federal tax credits and zero-interest federal loans that can be used to build rental housing for low- to moderate-income families and seniors. The 23 CIHA projects funded through GOAL have resulted in more than 1,100 housing units being available to house Alaskans.

“There are so many programs that Cook Inlet and AHFC have partnered on to bring housing to Alaskans, not just in Anchorage but across the state,” he said. “Thirty percent of the units that we funded in the past 20 years are set aside for either homeless Alaskans or Alaskans who have sensory or mobility impairments. They are seamlessly integrated into the community and there is no stigma about any type of housing that is being provided.”

Noting Cook Inlet Housing’s relentless project development, Delfino praised Gore and her team’s efforts.

“It’s been amazing to see what’s happened over the past 20 years in your organization. I hope you and your team continue in the future because a lot of people are getting a great place to live as a result.”

– Daniel Delfino, Planning and Program Development Director, Alaska Housing