Hardship Policy

Alaska Housing’s hardship policy for families subject to rent reform activities is called the Bridge Process. The Bridge Process is designed to address family financial hardships that occur due to extraordinary situations. Families must submit a Bridge Application along with appropriate documentation to begin the process.

Who is eligible

To qualify:

  1. The family must have an extraordinary change in life circumstances that significantly impacts the family’s income; AND
  2. The hardship must be of long-term or permanent duration (at least 90 days); AND
  3. The hardship must cause the family to experience a shelter burden in excess of 50 percent of gross or adjusted monthly income.

In addition, all families must:

  • Be in compliance with Alaska Housing policies; AND
  • Submit a Bridge Application with appropriate documentation.

See the Bridge Application Information handout for information on how the Bridge Process works.

Questions? Call 833-958-8406 (907-330-8406 in Anchorage), or email us at phdinfo@ahfc.us