Housing Choice Voucher: Minimum Rent Exemption

Appeal Process

A family subject to the minimum rent requirement may request an exemption due to a financial hardship. This process is found in federal regulations at 24 CFR 5.630. The CFR is available at http://www.gpo.gov.

Financial Hardship Types

The following situations are eligible for an exemption:

  • The family has lost eligibility for or is waiting on an eligibility determination for a federal, state, or local assistance program.
  • The family would be evicted as a result of the minimum rent requirement.
  • The income of the family has decreased because of changed circumstances, including loss of employment.
  • A death in the family has occurred.
  • The family is paying more than 50 percent of their monthly adjusted income towards unreimbursed childcare or medical expenses.
  • The family has incurred additional, unplanned expenses as the result of a family emergency.
  • Other good cause as determined by AHFC.

Requesting a Hardship Exemption

In order to qualify for an exemption, the family must complete and submit the Minimum Rent Exemption Request. The family must either mail the form or submit it to AHFC in person within fourteen (14) calendar days of:

  1. the date of a Notice of Rent Change, OR
  2. the date of a Correctable Notice to Quit and Lease Termination for Nonpayment of Rent, OR
  3. the date of the financial hardship event.

The Exemption Process

Once AHFC receives the request:

  • The family’s request will go to the Hardship Exemption Committee for a decision.
  • The family will not be charged any late rent fees while the request is processed.
  • The family will not be evicted for nonpayment of rent while the request is processed.
  • If the Committee is unable to render a decision prior to the first of the month, AHFC will suspend the minimum rent.
  • During the suspension period, AHFC may require the family to pay an income-based rent.

Exemption Committee Options

If the request for a hardship exemption is granted, the Committee may:

  • Reduce the rent to an income-based formula
  • Waive the minimum rent requirement
  • Grant additional income allowances for unreimbursed, verified childcare or medical expenses
  • Any combination of the above

Outcome of Request

The family will receive a Minimum Rent Exemption Decision letter from the Committee. The family will be responsible for repaying any suspended amounts to AHFC. Once the exemption has ended, AHFC will arrange a payment plan with the family.

Minimum Rent Exemption Request FORM

If you wish to request a Minimum Rent Exemption, please contact your AHFC case manager.