Housing Choice Voucher: Applicant Informal Review

Appeal Process

A voucher program applicant may appeal certain decisions made by AHFC in the administration of the program. The appeal process is found in federal regulations at 24 CFR 982.554. The CFR is available at www.gpo.gov.

Review Topics

AHFC will provide an Informal Review for actions which adversely affect an applicant’s position on or eligibility for the waiting list or an applicant’s eligibility for the voucher program. Examples include:

  • Removal of a preference;
  • Assignment of a subsidy level to a family;
  • Denial of an application due to family failure to meet any screening criteria; and
  • Withdrawal of an application from the waiting list for any reason other than failure to respond to a waiting list letter or returned mail.

AHFC will not provide an Informal Review for any of the following reasons:

  • Establishment of preferences, AHFC subsidy standards or schedule of utility allowances;
  • The disapproval of an extension or suspension of a voucher term;
  • Failure of the family to utilize the voucher before its expiration date;
  • An administrative decision to deny tenancy in a particular unit;
  • A determination that the unit selected by the family does not comply with HQS because of the family size or composition;
  • A determination that a unit selected by the family does not comply with Housing Quality Standards (HQS); or
  • Discretionary administrative determinations by AHFC, general policy issues, or class grievances.

Requesting an Informal Review

AHFC notifies an applicant in writing when it takes an action against the applicant. The notice tells the applicant:

  • what action was taken and includes any back-up information
  • if the applicant has the right to request an Informal Review.

Applicant written requests for an Informal Review must be postmarked or received by AHFC within ten (10) calendar days of the date of the AHFC notice.

The Informal Review Process

AHFC will provide applicants with a review within 30 calendar days of the request. The review may not be delayed unless approved for good cause by the PHD Director or designee.

A friend, lawyer, or helper(s) may assist you at the review. Attorney fees or other expenses are at your expense. Prior to the review, you may review any AHFC records in your file. AHFC possesses a similar right to examine documents you plan to submit.

At the review, you may present written or oral objections to AHFC’s decision, call any witnesses you would like, and give AHFC any documents you think are relevant. AHFC will provide a written decision within ten (10) business days, stating the reasons for the decision.

Outcome of Review

If AHFC overturns the action, your application may continue uninterrupted. If AHFC upholds the action, the original contested notice remains in force.

Applicant Informal Review Request Form

If you wish to request an Applicant Informal Review, please click here to download the request form.