Single-Family SS Memo 18-09


Date:  December 14, 2018

From:  Jan Miyagishima
            Director, Mortgage Operations


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Revised Forms UND-31 and UND-31 Reno

(Sections 1004.08.D, 1005.11.B, 8000.01)

We have made the following changes to the UND-31:

  • Provide the signed UND-22 with the printout from CSSD
  • Provide the full Home Inspection report on Non-Conforming I & II loans when applicable
  • Provide UND-10 except on new construction

Please note that we have modified the submission order on the form, but no additional documentation is required.

Form UND-31 Reno

  • Please use this form for all Renovation loans.  This checklist provides the required documents needed for our review on renovations.

Veteran’s Mortgage Program (VMP)

(Sections 5003.05.A, 5003.05.D, 5003.06.A)

  • Separated or retired military must have DD214 stating veteran was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable
  • Active duty must provide a Statement of Service stating the veteran has completed their initial military obligation and would have been entitled to a discharge or release under conditions other than dishonorable at the end of his or her initial period of duty
  • Most recent year tax return to verify borrower has not filed business use of home in excess of 15% of the gross living area

Business Use of Home

(Section 5002.05.C.8 and Section 5003.05.D)

  • Business use of home is limited to 15% of the gross living area.  Should the borrower’s prior year income tax return include deductions for business use of home over 15% of the gross living area, the Tax Exempt and Veteran’s Mortgage Program may not be used.


  • Section 1004.08.D
  • Section 1005.11.B
  • Section 5002.05.C.8
  • Section 5003.05.A
  • Section 5003.05.D
  • Section 5003.06. A
  • Section 8000.01
  • Form UND-31
  • Form UND-31 Reno