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Single-Family Seller/Servicer Memorandums - 2024

Memo 24-01

  • Previously in Section 8000.02, the guide stated the borrower had to leave the 4506-C undated. That has been removed. It is acceptable for the form to be signed & dated. 
  • We have removed the requirement for a home inspection from the AHELP section. If the entity providing the assistance requires a home inspection, the lender is to retain a copy of the report in their file. 
  • Minor changes were made in the following sections: Averaged Income, Self-Employed, Rental Income, Child Support or Alimony. 

Memo 24-02

  • Clarification memo on eligibility for an energy rate reduction.

Memo 24-03

  • Clarification Memo regarding the Uniform Instruments that should be used.  Please be sure to use the July 2021 versions. 

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