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Single-Family Seller/Servicer Memorandums

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Single-Family Seller/Servicer Memorandums - 2018


  • Revised Forms Program Compliance Submission Checklist: UND-31 and UND-31 Renovation
  • Veterans Mortgage Program clarifications: business use of home and program qualifications
  • Business Use of Home: limited to 15% of the gross living area of the home


  • Maximum Loan Amount


  • Approved Municipalities
  • Non-Conforming I and II


  • Custodial Accounting Letters of Agreement for Custodial Accounts
  • Delinquencies (Collection of Delinquencies)
  • Multi-Family Delinquency Servicing (Delinquencies and Events of Default)
  • Bankruptcy Proceedings (Notification)
  • Foreclosure Sale Third-Party Bids
  • Real Estate Owned
  • REO Disbursement Procedures


  • Income Limits


  • Tax-Exempt Program Acquisition Cost Limits


  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Lender Portal
  • Interest Rate Buydown Fees
  • Square Footage
  • Excess Land
  • Verbal Verification of Employment
  • Collection Accounts
  • Reserves
  • Non-Conforming I
  • CCAP
  • Census Tract Information


  • Minimum Down Payment Contributions
  • HomeChoiceTM and HomeStudy


  • Maximum Loan Amount


  • Current Year (2019)

Prior Years