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Single-Family Seller/Servicer Memorandums - 2023

Memo 23-01

  • Servicing guide revisions to Release of a Co-Borrower, Insurance Requirements,
  • Cancellation of MI, Delinquencies, Form SER-92 and Form SER-75.

Memo 23-02

  • Clarification regarding implementation of SB143

Memo 23-03

  • Servicing guide revisions to 3rd party Sale and Pre Sale Funds Remittance, HOA Super lien

Memo 23-04

  • The required coverage amount on H-06 policies has been updated to no less than 20% of the unpaid principal balance.

Memo 23-05

  • The minimum down payment contribution section has been updated to clarify a borrower's minimum down payment on Conventional loans and the use of gift funds.

Memo 23-06

  • AHFC foreclosure advertising update.​​​​​

Memo 23-07

  • AHFC has increased the reimbursable amount for Attorney Fees for Non -Judicial Foreclosure action from $1600 to $2,300.

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