Service/Assistance Grants

Program Summaries

Homeownership Development Program (HDP)

The purpose of the Homeownership Development Program (HDP) is to provide decent housing with improved affordability. HDP funding may be used for real property acquisition and site improvements for new construction of permanent, single-family housing. Eligible applicants include only participants in the USDA's 523 self-help homeownership program, Community Land Trusts, and Habitat for Humanity organizations. HDP funds can only be used for eligible projects outside of the Municipality of Anchorage.

HOME Opportunity Program (HOP)

The HOP program provides down payment and closing cost assistance to low-income individuals and families who are trying to purchase a home. The funds are made available through nonprofit intermediaries who administer programs in the major urban areas of Alaska. Please contact the nonprofit that serves your community to see if you qualify for the program.

Operating Expense Assistance Program (OEA)

The OEA program provides direct operating expense funding to nonprofit organizations that have qualified as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO), as defined under the HOME Investment Partnership Program.

Senior Access Program

In partnership with local nonprofits, AHFC provides funds to allow senior citizens (those over 55 years of age) to make accessibility modifications to their homes, thereby extending their ability to live independently in the community.

Technical Assistance

Funds under the Technical Assistance program are used to sponsor training workshops, direct technical assistance and training scholarships for grantees and potential grantees under the Supportive Housing or HOME Investment Partnership Programs and for Community Housing Development Organizations.

Weatherization Programs

AHFC administers weatherization programs that have been created to award grants to nonprofit organizations for the purpose of improving the energy efficiency of low-income homes statewide. These programs also provide for training and technical assistance in the area of housing energy efficiency. Funding for these programs comes from the Alaska State General Fund, AHFC and the U.S. Department of Energy.

AHFC now has two programs to help Alaskans reduce energy bills on their homes. The objective of both programs is to make a home more energy efficient.