Cause for Suspension / Termination

By the Energy Rater


The Energy Rater cannot suspend the Rater Agreement, but may change his/her status from ACTIVE to INACTIVE, or vice versa. Raters can use the Status Change Form to update their status to ACTIVE or INACTIVE as described at Suspending or Terminating the Energy Rater Agreement.


The Energy Rater may terminate the Energy Rater Agreement at any time, with written notification to AHFC. Raters can use the Status Change Form to terminate their agreement.


The regulations regarding termination of the Energy Rater Agreement are contained in 15 AAC 155.560.

AHFC may suspend or terminate the Rater Agreement in response to one or more documented formal complaints about an energy rater, or if there is a documented history of the rater's failure to perform to the minimum standards described in the Alaska Energy Rater Manual and the contents of the Energy Rater Agreement.

A formal complaint is a written complaint received by AHFC. Formal complaints shall include the complainant's name and contact information. The Alaska Rebate Call Center may receive and document formal complaints, but they must include the complainants' name and contact information.

The following are some examples of causes for corrective action that may include suspension or termination of the Energy Rater Agreement.

  • Energy rater performance indicates trends that rater data quality, performance, or behavior are inconsistent with the program objectives.
  • AHFC recognizes a trend of errors or concerns that, despite corrective actions, potentially compromises the integrity of the energy rating, AHFC, or its programs.
  • The energy rater falsifies information.
  • The energy rater repeatedly fails to:
    • use reasonable knowledge, skills, or judgment in the performance of energy ratings,
    • conduct energy ratings in accordance with the Energy Rater manual, and/or
    • respond to a complaint, correct a sub-standard energy rating, or comply with corrective actions within defined timelines.