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Teacher, Health Professional and Public Safety Housing Program (THHP)

The Teacher, Health Professional and Public Safety Housing Grant Program funds the development of teacher, health professional and public safety housing. Funds are awarded competitively on annual basis for the rehabilitation, construction or acquisition of rural housing projects. Eligible entities include school districts, local governments, regional health corporations, housing authorities and nonprofits.

SFY2018 THHP Grantees

  • Organized Village of Kasaan - Kasaan Teacher Housing
  • Hoonah Indian Association - Hoonah Teacher and Health Professional Housing
  • Native Village of Tununak - Tununak Public Safety Housing
  • Huslia Tribal Council - Huslia Health Professional and Public Safety Housing

SFY2019 THHP NOFA and Rating Criteria

Application for the 2019 cycle of THHP will commence on Friday, August 10, 2018. All applications must be completed and submitted to AHFC through the Ariba online application tool prior to 4:30PM AKST November 1, 2018, other submissions will not be accepted. Prior to the application period, interested parties must complete a Registration form and email it to the THHP Program Manager (see below for more details). Access to the online application tool will be provided following successful registration. Please review the SFY2019 THHP NOFA and Rating Criteria, along with the THHP Program Policies and Procedures to prepare for the Registration and Application phases.

Applicant Registration

Registration for the SFY2019 THHP grant iteration must be completed and emailed to the THHP Program Manager no later than 4:30PM AKSTAugust 1, 2018. All registrations must be completed using the SYF2019 THHP Registration Form. All registrations must be email to the Program Manager as described in the form, other submissions will not be accepted. Following successful Registration, access will be provided to complete the SFY2019 THHP application using the Ariba online application tool.


Proposed projects must be sponsored by an eligible entity, for eligible professionals, and be located in a small community as defined by the State of Alaska. For more information, please contact AHFC.

Contact Information

Dale Olney
Planner I
Planning and Program Development Department
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
P.O. Box 101020
Anchorage, AK 99510-1020