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Teacher, Health Professional and Public Safety Housing Program (THHP)

The Teacher, Health Professional and Public Safety Housing Grant Program funds the development of teacher, health professional and public safety housing. Funds are awarded competitively on annual basis for the rehabilitation, construction or acquisition of rural housing projects. Eligible entities include school districts, local governments, regional health corporations, housing authorities and nonprofits.

Map of Properties Funded by AHFC and its Partners: 2004 to Present

The map below provides summary data on the communities and sponsors funded throughout the life of the THHP Program. For more information regarding the program and/or the specific properties illustrated below, please contact the THHP Program Manager.

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Funding Availability

No funding available at this time


Proposed projects must be sponsored by an eligible entity, for eligible professionals, and be located in a small community as defined by the State of Alaska. For more information, please contact AHFC.

Contact Information

Vinera Erickson
Planner I
Planning and Program Development Department
Alaska Housing Finance Corporation
P.O. Box 101020
Anchorage, AK 99510-1020