Why an Alaska Housing Loan?

Buying a new home can be like traveling through unknown terrain. Alaska Housing is a buyer’s navigator, outfitting her with homebuying tools such as competitive financing and comprehensive homebuyer education.

Alaska Housing offers a variety of loan programs, from single-family and multi-family loans.

So why finance with Alaska Housing? The most appealing reason, we think, is that the expenditures from mortgage purchases stay right here in Alaska. These expenditures cycle throughout Alaska’s economy, particularly throughout the banking, construction and real estate sectors, to create and sustain jobs.

Alaska Housing’s loan financing enables the purchase and refinance of existing homes, and construction of new, single and multi-family housing. Some economic activity associated with purchasing or refinancing of existing homes are transfers of assets from one owner to another, resulting in little new spending; however, there are costs associated with those asset transfers, which do create economic impacts. The impacts of Alaska Housing’s loans used on new housing create an additional, significant new value for Alaska’s economy. 

The resulting impacts of Alaska Housing’s mortgage and loan programs accounted for 978 jobs in FY18, according to UA’s Center for Economic Development

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