Staff Story: Kaylee Williams

Seams of Hope

Kaylee Williams works in AHFC’s mortgage department. She has a big heart. And some serious talent as seamstress.

More Than Mortgages

During her free time, she is one of the helpings hands behind the group Alaska Mask Makers. The group has more than 4,000+ members, coordinating across the state to provide “cloth” surgical-style masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Williams has been a seamstress for 40 years and says it is a skill her mother taught her. 

“When we saw the notification about needing masks and PPE (personal protective equipment) or something to help the healthcare providers, this was the first thing that came to mind for me,”

Putting her talent to work, Williams decided to copy a YouTube video that had a simple double-sided mask with elastic on both sides.

“The medical field said this didn’t really protect them so we continued to evolve with the masks,” she said. “So we came up with a different design, which has the nose pinch straps.”

Williams says the new design was created featuring a pocket where a filter or N-95 mask can be inserted into the cloth mask. Each mask is donated, and Williams uses her own personal sewing materials, adding a bit of pizzazz and personality to every mask. Williams said she wants her masks to be something people enjoy wearing.

Love for Color and Prints

Fabric patterns from forget-me-knot flowers and Alaskan motif prints are her personal favorite, along with patriotic Stars and Stripes. Each mask has her personal touch.


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