People Drive Ideas at AHFC

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Greg Holoman joined Alaska Housing Finance Corporation in May 2021 when an unusual set of circumstances collided: The pandemic was in full swing, businesses were being dramatically impacted, and Alaska residents were struggling on multiple levels.

Holoman came to AHFC from the oil fields, formerly working as an operations administrator on the slope for Schlumberger. The experience prepared him well to be a member of AHFC’s call center, which was created specifically to manage inquiries related to Alaska Housing Rent Relief.

Call centers can be stressful environments. In the case of Alaska Housing Rent Relief, working with individuals finding it hard to make ends meet and even potentially facing homelessness was a difficult but normal day; however, Holoman’s easy, calm manner worked like a balm for many who had the good fortune to receive his help with the Rent Relief application process. With empathy and kindness, he effectively managed the large volume of daily calls coming into AHFC’s call center and was able to offer guidance to those in need.

“Being part of something that is meaningful and that impacts people’s lives matters to me – it is really motivating.”

— Greg Holoman, AHFC Planner Assistant II

New Assignments 

A self-starter, detailed, and always willing to go the extra mile, Holoman’s talents in the call center were quickly recognized and he was promoted in short order to the Rent Relief appeals team where he was able to dive more thoroughly into individual applications, identify issues and problem solve. One of the things he appreciated most in this role was seeing how the process came together.

“As part of the Rent Relief appeals team, I was able to help people stay in their home and my efforts helped make someone’s life better.”

From there he was officially hired for project support within the Systems Integrity Unit. Late in 2021, he was promoted again to his current position as a Planner Assistant II within the Planning department.

Holoman is now working with the Homeless Stabilization and Recovery team. Getting Alaskans off the streets is the No. 1 priority and Holoman hit the ground running managing the program’s first survey of prospective community partners. His current focus includes investigating ways to streamline the grant process.

“My goal is to help AHFC go paperless and help develop a new way of working.”

Holoman sees the advantages of implementing a stronger digital process and moving AHFC away from old-fashioned systems. Much of his attention currently is focused toward investigating electronic products that will save time.

Being Part of a Team

For Holoman, the Planning department offers great variety as it manages rural teacher housing, homeless stabilization, rent relief, and service grants. He especially appreciates the vast knowledge walking the halls of AHFC – people who are willing to share their expertise, mentor others and present a friendly, collaborative vibe. It’s an environment where leadership is accessible and inclusive, and there are great opportunities to learn.

Looking ahead Holoman hopes to expand on additional meaningful project work. One example is a product he created for the Homeless Stabilization program that tracks how quickly participants are able to be moved from living in their car to within hours, living in a hotel, followed by residence in an apartment. 

“Working here so far has been amazing,” says Holoman. “If you are looking for a place where people welcome change, are interested in innovation and you enjoy a fast pace – AHFC is the place!”