Staff Story: Penny Allen


Penny Always In Tune

Penny Allen has a long history working for AHFC. She started as a student hire around 1990 and has temped off and on with AHFC before being hired in Wrangell as a laborer in 2006, moving on to maintenance mechanic in 2014. Penny’s job is all encompassing — from fixing holes in walls to grounds maintenance.

If something needs to get done, Penny is your go-to gal and the only female on AHFC maintenance crews in the state. 

Penny Beyond Business

What’s your favorite part about working for AHFC? 

"My fellow workers in Wrangell and the administration. I’m not kissing up here; they really are great to work for." 

What do you do for fun outside of work? 

"Boating and fishing with my kids, coaching, playing sports, spending time on the great Stikine river, hunting, volunteering in various community organizations, jamming with family and friends and projects like building antler lamps, making signs, and other crafty things. I like to stay busy." 

What would people be surprised to know about you? 

"Not many surprises here in small town Wrangell, but I guess it’s that I’m a retired lieutenant and instructor with Wrangell Voluntary Fire Department/Emergency Medical Services. The other would be that my sister and I have two CDs out that we recorded in Nashville — The Allen Sisters."

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