New Resources Available for Landlords

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Maybe it’s almost midnight and you’re a landlord who’s trying to remember what state law says about tenant noncompliance with their rental agreement. Or someone just moved out of your rental and you want to list it quickly. Maybe you’re a property manager wondering if there are steps you can take to make your rental property more energy efficient to save you some cash each month.

Alaska Housing now has a one-stop resource page where property managers and landlords can find answers to these kinds of questions. 

A Virtual Toolkit for Landlords

In January 2023, Alaska Housing expanded the For Landlords section on its website to provide additional resources and information. That includes a landlord toolkit, which offers broad topics ranging from tips for first-time landlords to making properties more energy efficient. It also lists important links to legal references and resources.

Insights into AHFC’s Housing Choice Voucher program are also available, including benefits for landlords and participants.

Creating Conversations

The tools are meant to offer two-way communication. Alaska Housing solicited input from landlords through a survey designed to provide insights about their experiences.

The landlord toolkit page offers an opportunity to provide feedback so landlords can request specific resources not currently available. They can also subscribe to Landlines, Alaska Housing’s newsletter sent directly to landlords.