Need Some Help Helping With Homework?

Help With Homework

The reason it’s called “homework” is because the work is done at home, which means parents, grandparents and other adult family members have always been put in the role of Person Who Helps.

That means figuring out assignments, answering questions, researching obscure information, and before any of that can even happen, getting kids to actually sit down and focus. That can be daunting for anyone who is not a professional teacher.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed as your child’s Person Who Helps, first, remember that you’re not alone. All parents are in the same boat. Second, you’ll be happy to know there are good resources online to point you and your young student in the right direction.

Resources for Online Learning and Homework

On our website, we’ve included a list of Alaska family and youth resources that can help you at home, and here are several others specific to schoolwork:

  • Alaska Department of Education and Early Development has a terrific list of resources for families with students at home here, including live homework help from the Statewide Library Electronic Doorway for in-state residents.
  • If you’ve never tried Kahn Academy, the nonprofit is devoted to distance-learning tools for everyone, with great stuff for virtually every level of learning, including adults. Khan Academy Kids has valuable lessons that are fun and educational.
  • Association of Alaska School Boards has a very good list of resources for parents with students at home, and for emphasis on child health and wellbeing, check out Thread.

You are setting an example for your children, so even if you don’t understand how to do the homework itself, taking time to sit with them and figure it out may inspire them to want to learn. Then, step back and wear with pride the title, “Person Who Helps.”