Learn How To Monitor Your Building’s Energy Efficiency

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Do you know the efficiency levels of your building? Do you know how much energy it's using at any given time?  If not, you also may not know how much that inefficiency could be costing you. 

If you're a building owner, a facility operator or maintenance manager, being able to monitor your energy usage is critical to your bottom line and your environmental footprint. Being able to do it remotely with the information at your fingertips can also make monitoring easy. 

Alaska Housing has developed a free, open source building monitoring system that offers a comprehensive picture of a building's energy use and operating performance. The Building Monitoring System (BMON) measures a number of important metrics, which can help troubleshoot potential issues that may be reducing energy efficiency and help develop solutions. 

Training Being Held Feb. 28-March 3

Alaska Housing and the Department of Energy are hosting a four-day training session Feb. 28-March 3 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the UAS Technical Education Center in Juneau. A remote option is also available. 

The training session will provide facility operators with the tools to uncover key insights into the efficiency and performance of the buildings they monitor. Participants will also receive a complete set of monitoring sensors to keep. 

The information gathered can provide real-time information, including energy flow throughout a building. It can help determine energy costs of specific systems and identify savings opportunities, as well as track equipment such as boilers, pumps, and lighting. 

Learn More About the Training Session

Click here to learn more about the upcoming training session. Click here to learn more about the BMON system.