Independent Living Means ‘Everything’

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For Cian, a retired minister living in Wasilla, it was important to find housing that balanced accessibility and independence. He found the home he was looking for at Alaska Housing’s Williwa Manor property, where he has been a tenant for nearly five years.

Williwa Manor offers 32 units of safe, quality, affordable housing to seniors and people with disabilities. The property has features that help facilitate independence and provide tenants with their own personal space.

Year-round, Cian says he enjoys spending time outside on his porch, accessed directly from his apartment.

“There is privacy from your neighbors, but they are still right there and that’s nice,” he said.

Little Things Make a Difference

It’s the little things that Cian says make a big difference for his quality of life. For example, having ample storage and being able to access his apartment through his own front and back door, rather than a shared hallway and elevator.

“It’s a little more homey,” Cian said.

Cian lived in other housing facilities prior to moving into Williwa Manor and said he has been impressed by the quality and attentiveness of maintenance at AHFC’s property.

“The staff aren’t on top of you, but a phone call and they’re there. Alaska Housing keeps their properties up in a different way and they’re friendly and caring.” - Cian, Williwa Manor resident, Wasilla

This support with daily maintenance needs, particularly snow removal, has been critical for Cian since moving to Williwaw Manor.

“It’s huge, just during the time I’ve been here I’ve had foot surgeries and knee replacements. It’s really important for me to have somebody who can help with that kind of stuff.”

Independence is Everything

Most days, Cian’s daily routine includes visiting his parents, who live nearby. While he no longer works as a minister, Cian still makes it a priority to visit people in the hospital.

“Once you’re a minister, you’re always one,” he said.

Cian described this ability to continue to live independently as part of a community as “everything.”

It’s very important. I don’t know where I would live otherwise.”

AHFC’s Public Housing maintains waitlists statewide. See openings in your community. Seniors can also find information from our Senior Housing Office or by calling 800-478-2432.