Staff Story: Derrick Chan

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Derrick Worth His Weight In Gold

Work performance can be hard to measure but Daniel Delfino, director of AHFC’s planning department, found a unique way when he submitted Derrick Chan’s nomination for the Governor’s Denali Peak Performance Awards Program in 2017.

Special Recognition 

The award recognizes the valuable contributions and hard work of state employees. Then Governor Walker expressed his appreciation during the award ceremony for the work Derrick did during his time in the planning department, and made a point of singling out his nomination as another example of great work.

It’s easy to see why. Here’s how Daniel opened up the nomination: “At AHFC Derrick Chan is literally worth his weight in gold. Yes, it’s a bold claim. But by the numbers:

  1. On 12/31/16, gold was $1,131.90 per ounce. 
  2. Derrick has generated $2,750,000 at AHFC to support our housing mission by: reducing operating costs ($300K), establishing new revenue streams ($500K), and securing private capital through the Rasmuson Foundation ($1.95M);
  3. Quantitatively speaking, the $2,750,000 Derrick has delivered to the State is equivalent to roughly 152 pounds of gold."

“I know the award has my name on it, but you can’t have success without lots of support. It is always about teamwork and I have had great coaching and mentoring throughout the years in the planning department."

— Derrick Chan, AHFC's Planning Department

It was the first time in 15 years that someone from AHFC received top honors in the Governor’s Denali Peak Performance Awards Program.

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