Celebrating 95,245 Alaskans Age 65-Plus

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By Jim McCall, Alaska Housing’s Senior Housing Office

Alaska is blessed. 

Since 2007, Alaska’s population growth of residents 65 years and older has outpaced every other state in the nation.

Celebrating Older Alaskans

It is a staggering statistic and one we are very proud to acknowledge each day, but especially during May, as our country collectively pauses to say thank you and to celebrate Older Americans Month.  

Older Alaskans play vital, positive roles in our communities – as family members, friends, mentors, volunteers, civic leaders, members of the workforce, and more. Just as every person is unique, so too is how they age and how they choose to do it – and there is no “right” way. That is why the theme for Older Americans Month 2022 is “Age My Way.” 

Preparing to “Age My Way”

This year’s theme focuses on how older adults can age in their communities, living independently for as long as possible – and participating in ways they choose. While Age My Way will look different for each person, here are common items everyone can consider:

  • Planning: Take time now to consider what you may need or want in the future across the spectrum of aging, whether that’s housing, medical needs or even socializing with friends and family.

  • Engagement: Remain involved. Contribute to your community through continued work, volunteering, and/or other civic participation.

  • Access: Consider home improvements and modifications now, whether through the use of assistive technologies, customized supports, or even simple Smart Home devices to help you age in place more easily.

  • Connection: Maintain, grow and develop new social activities and relationships to combat social isolation. Stay connected to your community. And, most importantly, maintain cognitive health.

Involving and Including Older Alaskans

This year, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation is pleased to celebrate Older Americans Month with all our partners in the aging community.

Diverse communities are strong communities. Ensuring that older Alaskans remain involved and included in our communities, for as long as possible, benefits everyone. 

​​Jim McCall leads Alaska Housing’s Senior Housing Office. Contact Jim if you are looking for information on AHFC programs that may assist older Alaskans.