Applied for Rent Relief? What Happens Now

Next Steps Rent Utility Relief Applicants

Now that you've applied for Alaska Housing Rent Relief you might be wondering, "What happens next?" We have answers! Read on to learn how to check the status of your application, what to do if you need to provide additional information, and how to expedite the distribution of your rent and utility relief. 

The application period for Alaska Housing Rent Relief closed to new applications on March 5th, 2021. Have trouble with your application? Request a review of your situation here.

Didn't apply before the deadline? Be added to a waitlist for future rent relief »

How do I find out the status of my application? 

Current applicants can visit the check status page to see where your application is in the review process. If everything is "in review" then you're all set for now. If we still need something, you'll find instructions and links to submit that information.

I received an email or checked my status and I need to submit documents. What do I do? 

All applicants need to provide certain documentation as part of the initial review. These include:

  • A copy of your government-issued ID.
  • Supporting income documents. Find out what counts as household income, and what you can provide as supporting documentation here.
  • A statement showing any past-due rent and a copy of your current lease agreement.
  • Copies of past-due utility bills (if you requested utility relief).

For your own security, do not send these documents by email or text message! We will request these documents by email (and send you reminders, if necessary) and provide you with secure links to submit them directly to the system.

My application status says that everything is "In Review." What happens next? 

A relief specialist will be assigned to your application and will reach out to you directly. They will help you complete the application by finalizing information about your current rent and utilities, any past-due amounts or future payment needs, and any additional documentation needed to determine the amount of rent and/or utility relief you qualify for.

I didn’t submit everything or my situation has changed since March 5. Now what?

That’s ok; the important thing is that you got your application in on time. When we review your application, we’ll contact you by email and you’ll have an opportunity to tell us about the changes to your household and securely submit relevant updated files.

I missed applying before your March 5 deadline. Is there still help for me?

If you missed the March 5 deadline due to inability to access the internet or other extenuating circumstances, please use this form to submit an appeal. Sign up here for announcements about future relief funding.

How will applications be processed? First come, first served or prioritized based on need?

All applications received will be processed in batches with certain prioritization. The federal funding for the program requires that priority be given to applicants who:

  1. Earn under 50% area median income, and
  2. Are unemployed and have been for 90 days or more.

You can help expedite processing by making sure that you provide supporting documents and information promptly when requested by email.

Once I'm approved, how and when will my landlord and/or utility company get paid?

Your rent and/or utility relief payments will be made directly to your landlord and utility companies. All past-due rent and utilities (back to March 13, 2020) will be paid first. If you owe unpaid rent or utilities, that amount will be paid in one lump sum within 10 business days of your final approval. If you are eligible for future rent relief, those payments will be distributed in three-month increments once your application reaches final approval. Future payments will require documentation that support your continued need.

How long will I be able to receive assistance with my rent and utilities?

The program allows for up to 12 months of financial assistance including months past due, with the possibility of extended assistance for an additional three months due to certain circumstances related to the coronavirus.

Where can I find more information or get help with my application? 

You'll find the answers to many of your questions in our Rent Relief FAQs. Be sure to also check your email (including your spam folder) for reminders or instructions on your next steps in the application process. You can also call our toll-free number for direct assistance at 1-844-330-8290.

Should I tell my landlord I applied for Alaska Housing Rent Relief?

Yes! AHFC will pay your landlord (and utility companies) if you are approved for assistance. There may be things they can do to expedite your application.

I'm a landlord. How can I help my tenants secure funding? 

You can help expedite the application process and distribution of funds by registering as a landlord with Alaska Housing Rent Relief. Adding your information to the portal in advance will facilitate quicker payment to you once tenants are approved. Click here to register and read our Landlord FAQs to learn more about your role in the process. 

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