Staff Story: Andy Morton

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Andy Gets the Ball Rolling

Some fish, others enjoy car racing, mountain climbing or the quiet pleasure of reading a book.

Whatever you do after 5 p.m. should be fun. Andy Morton, who works in AHFC’s administrative services, finds bowling to be right up his alley.

Here’s his striking tale of his pro-bowling debut:

“Some time ago I traveled to Fayetteville, North Carolina to visit a friend and compete in the Professional Bowling Association (PBA) Fayetteville South Open."

"There were 82 entrants in the tournaments and I advanced through two qualifying rounds before being eliminated in 14th place. I have bowled my whole life and have had various successes nationally in many amateur tournaments over the last 20+ years but this was my first venture into the Professional realm."

"Over my career as a bowler, I have Eight perfect 300 games and a high 3-game series of 854, which are considered award scores by bowling’s governing body, the United States Bowling Congress."

"I made $510 for my efforts, including one high game pot (a 269 game) for a bonus $100, which is precisely why I prefer to have a full time job here at Alaska Housing as opposed to grinding check to check on the Professional Bowlers Tour."

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