Alaska Council on the Homeless


On April 30, 2004, Gov. Frank H. Murkowski established the Alaska Council on the Homeless. The Council completed its initial mission in October 2005 by releasing the report "Keeping Alaskans Out of the Cold." On May 1, 2007, Governor Palin reauthorized the Governor's Council and made it a more permanent council under the auspices of AHFC.

img_akcouncil_xmas_singing.jpgThe current Council membership includes AHFC, the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, the Alaska State Departments of Education, Public Safety, Corrections and Health and Social Services and six public members from the homeless provider community, rural housing authorities, local government and the real estate industry.   The role of the Council continues as a public policy forum for recommendations on the use of state and federal resources to address homelessness.  These efforts are outlined in the States’ Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness. This plan sets out annual, five year and ten year goals and objectives and is updated on an annual basis.

Alaska's Plan to End Long Term Homelessness - Draft 09/15/15

Alaska Council on the Homeless Report

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