Public Housing

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation provides safe, decent, and affordable rental units for low-income Alaskans. Housing is available in 13 communities across Alaska, typically with on-site management and maintenance staff. Additional on-site supportive services and skills training programs may also be available.

Who is Eligible

Families whose income is at or below 80 percent of the area median income are encouraged to apply. Income limits are set by HUD and are based on family size and the community where the family resides. Families may apply at any AHFC public housing program location with an open waiting list.

How it Works

Subject to meeting program and income requirements, the family is placed on an AHFC waiting list based on date and time of application. As units become available, families are invited to an appointment, provided detailed information about the program, and offered an available unit.

AHFC currently owns and operates more than 1,600 housing units statewide in a variety of bedroom sizes and types. Families pay a portion of their monthly income in rent; HUD subsidizes the balance of the rent.

The Benefits of Public Housing

AHFC has an in-house management and maintenance team that are responsive to our resident’s needs.

Families that require units with accessible features should contact their local AHFC office for availability and assistance with their application.

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How to Apply

See our Application Instructions page.