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AHFC offers a variety of rental programs to accommodate the diverse housing needs of Alaskans and ensure that eligible low-income individuals and families have access to safe, quality, affordable rentals.

  • AHFC uses the term family throughout the application; a family can be one or more persons.
  • Security deposits or other rental expenses are a familys responsibility.
  • An AHFC representative can assist you if you have questions concerning your application.

Reasonable Accommodation

If you, or a family member, is a person with a disability, you have the right to ask for a Reasonable Accommodation.

  • If you would like more information on the Public Housing Divisions Reasonable Accommodation process, please visit our Fair Housing page.
  • If you need assistance with the application process, please contact your local AHFC office.

Application Packages and Waiting List Status

To receive rental assistance with AHFC, you must complete an application and get on a waiting list. Each AHFC office has specific items that are part of their application package. You can investigate each community's waiting list status and required package from our Waiting List Status page.

Partner Application Packages (Direct Referrals)

These programs are not available directly through AFHC; families must apply through a referring agency. To find the referring agency in your community, please contact the local AHFC office.