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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who inspects a home to determine that it meets the AHFC Minimum Construction Standards?

A. An authorized inspector performs inspections during the various phases of construction; they are licensed by the State of Alaska Division of Occupational Licensing. Individuals may search for an authorized inspector online. A municipal inspector in an AHFC approved municipality may inspect the building in accordance with the local municipal building codes. AHFC maintains a list of approved municipalities who have adopted and enforce an equivalent building and energy code to AHFC.

Q. Is inspection documentation required?

A. AHFC requires the authorized inspector complete Form PUR-102 to certify compliance with AHFC's minimum construction standards. Local municipal inspectors in an AHFC approved municipality issue Certificates of Occupancy in lieu of completing Form PUR-102.

Q. How does a home meet the Building Energy Efficiency Standard (BEES)?

A. Compliance with the BEES is achieved by completing the PUR-101 and PUR-102; a Certificate of Occupancy can be used in lieu of a PUR-102 from an AHFC approved municipality. An AHFC Energy Rater is the only authorized entity who can complete the PUR-101.

Q. Where can I find AHFC requirements for new Common Interest Community (Condo) projects?

A. A brief overview is available on Project Acceptance, including links to forms and contact information.