General Requirements

These requirements apply to all single-family loans unless otherwise specified in individual program guidelines. Please consult an approved lender for details.

Eligible borrowers

  • Must be credit-qualified residents of the State of Alaska
  • Must be current on child support payments (none past due)
  • Must owner occupy the purchased property within 60 days of loan closing
  • May have only one Alaska Housing loan for owner-occupied property
  • Must also meet individual program guidelines

Eligible properties

  • Single-family residences, condominiums, Common Interest Community units, Type I manufactured homes (permanently attached to a foundation), duplexes, triplexes or fourplexes
  • Not all properties are eligible for financing under all single-family loan programs

Down payment

  • Conventional loans (minimums)
  • Single-family - 5%
  • Duplex - 10%
  • Triplex or Fourplex - 20%
  • Requirements for federally insured or guaranteed loans (VA, FHA, HUD and RD) are determined by the insurer or guarantor

Loan term

  • Fixed interest rate for 15 or 30 years
  • Loan term may be adjusted for property type or remaining economic life


  • Qualified borrowers may assume Alaska Housing single-family loans unless otherwise noted
  • Assumptions are subject to individual program guidelines

How to apply