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Sasha Loyd

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Guaranteed Rate, Inc. — Anchorage, Alaska

Becoming your partner in success is the best way to grow my business, so let me help you buy the home of your dreams! My clients/partners know I am dedicated to finding the right loan, with the best interest rates, terms and costs to meet your needs.


AHFC offers programs for existing homeowners and new homeowners in all stages of life and in all locations of Alaska. From the first-time homebuyers and repeat homebuyers in urban, suburban and rural areas, AHFC has a program to suit most needs. They make exceptions that most won’t with the mantra that if the overall file makes sense, it makes sense. AHFC doesn’t penalize a borrower for less than perfect credit or penalize for property type as most investors do. The rate is the published rate and the commitment fee is the published commitment fee. AHFC transactions allow the cost to obtain a loan to be transparent which is what every Alaskan deserves.

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Sasha Loyd
Branch Manager, VP of Mortgage Lending
NMLS #199727

Direct: (907) 205-5029
Email: sasha.loyd@rate.com
Web: www.rate.com/loan-expert/sashaloyd

Guaranteed Rate, Inc.
4341 B Street, Suite 101
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
NMLS #2611

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