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AHFC values its relationships with lenders. Those spotlighted have demonstrated a history of supporting Alaskan homebuyers with AHFC loans. If you have questions about our products, contact any of our approved lenders.

Sarah Griffin

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First Bank — Ketchikan, Alaska

I love working with Alaskan home buyers using the Purchase Renovation Loan Program. With the Renovation Programs available through AHFC, home buyers and home owners can include up to $75,000 in improvements as a part of their home loan. Does your kitchen need a facelift? Is that carpet or bathtub from the 70s? Ready to make some much needed energy improvements? The AHFC Purchase and Refinance Renovation Loans are the perfect tool to make your home your own.

My team and I know the ins and outs of the various AHFC loan programs which allows us to build a custom loan solution for each of our customers' unique situations. By selecting the right Alaska Housing Loan Program and adding on additional loan features like the Energy Efficient Rate Reduction Option or the Interest Rate Reduction for Low Income borrowers, we are better able to serve our clients and make a bigger impact in Southeast Alaska.

First Bank is proud to be the #1 Alaskan Housing Lender in Southeast Alaska. A big part of our success is the exceptional service provided by our local loan processing team and our seasoned team of top flight underwriters. Everyone involved in your mortgage process is based right here in Alaska.


Since 1986, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation has been delivering on their mission to provide safe and affordable housing for Alaskan residents. By partnering with AHFC, we are helping to improve the homes and lives of our customers.

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Sarah Griffin
Mortgage Originator
NMLS #424423

First Bank
NMLS #424422
2030 Sea Level Dr, Ste 100
Ketchikan, AK 99901

phone: 907-228-4242
cell: 907-617-2955
fax: 907-228-4229

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