Where to Get Flu Shots & Other Vaccinations

Photo of a doctor giving a child a shot.

Why Get Vaccinated?

Personal health has been a big topic in 2020 and flu season is right around the corner. On top of washing your hands, sanitizing items regularly, and maintaining physical distance from those outside your household, vaccinations may be another tool in your kit to staying healthy. 

The flu shot is one of the most popular vaccinations this time of year, and for good reason!

  • It helps protect children and elders from flu-related death.
  • It reduces the risk of illness and hospitalization.
  • It helps protect — and is strongly recommended for — high risk populationssuch as pregnant women, diabetics, and people with asthma.

What if I Don't Feel Sick?

Remember that this contagious virus doesn’t always let us know that we’re contagious. According to The Department of Health and Social Services, most people can transmit the virus a day before you start feeling symptoms and 5-7 days after becoming sick. Remember to stay home if you feel sick to help prevent the illness to others. Get the facts on influenza here

Where Can I Get The Flu Shot? 

Ready to get your vaccine? Take a look at where it’s offered in your community here

What About Other Vaccinations?

The flu isn’t the only illness you can vaccinate against! If you or someone in your family need any other vaccinations, check out where you can get those here or by calling 907-269-8088 (Anchorage) or 888-430-4321 (toll-free).